Patch Notes 0.4.17 (03/17/2019)


  • Patch tonight adds part of the main city to the game.


  • PC and Mac: Download the game from by Clicking Here
  • Android: (Click Here) Once approved by Google you can play.
  • iOS (Click Here) Once approved by Apple you can play.



  • Added part of the city to the map.
  • Moved the NPCs into the city and into buildings around the new start location.
  • Added notification for chat messages.
  • Small RAM usage improvements.


  • Fixed the rubberbanding from the movement.
  • Fixed issues with the mobs and the healthbars causing lag issues.
  • Fixed minimum damage to 0 instead of 1.
  • Fixed some layering issues with the UI.


  • Helmets are too small.
  • Other armor is too small or out of place.


  • Do you or someone you know have experience in UI Design? We’re looking for a talented individual to assist us with design and artwork for our new UI.
  • We are also looking for a talented sfx/composer to assist us with sound and music composition.

Positions currently are for freelancers on a contractual basis. All inquiries related to UI Design, Graphics Design, and SFX/Music composition may submitted via email to

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