Patch Notes 0.4.6 (1/3/2019)


  • Our first update for 2019 will be bringing quite a few changes to the game. All player characters will be wiped so you will need to make a new one. Enjoy exploring the land of Yartoria with the map more open now!


  • Update to the latest version of the game VIA discord.
  • iOS (Click Here) Once approved by Apple you can play.



  • Integration overhaul with the inventory and other systems that interact with the inventory.
  • Click to view stats of an item added to a majority of systems that show items.
  • Increased font size throughout the UI.
  • Increased icon sizes throughout the UI.
  • Store integration into the menu. (Temporary integration until UI optimization)
  • Layering issues fixed for a few of the menus.
  • Menu now takes up the whole screen instead of the top portion on the screen.


  • XP Tables for character leveling have been simplified.
  • XP Tables for professions have been simplified.
  • Overworld size has increased dramatically.
  • Starting point changed to where the Capital will be located at a later date.
  • Several monsters have been scattered throughout the world. A lot of these monsters are placeholders until graphics have been completed.


  • Economy has overhauled quite a bit. You will for now start with the recipes you need to craft everything, and all professions. Along with a full set of tools for testing.
  • Items now drop from monsters onto the ground. Tap/Click them to pick them up, we still have loot windows for harvesting.
  • Fishing is now implemented. Catch fish from fishing spots as long as you have a fishing pole in your inventory.
  • Food is now implemented. Craft grilled snappers that you catch in the new cooking station! These will provide you a small heal over time.
  • Enchanting is currently disabled
  • Many new monsters and quests are in the world


  • Achievement system has been added into the game. We will be adding more and more achievements to the list as the time goes by. Currently there are several disabled achievements to test. We will roll out the others as this system has been tested more.
  • When multiple players join the events it no longer kicks everyone out. Several other fixes to the events have been added as well. Please report any other issues you find with the event system.
  • Fixeda the collider issue that was going on inside of the arena which caused you to hit an “invisible wall”.
  • Overworld optimized dramatically to only show what you are near instead of the entire map. You will not noticed this is actually happening but it is which dramatically has improved performance of the game across all devices.
  • Significant performance improvements for server and clients

Known Issues

  • Many icons are either blank or repetitive. As art becomes available icons will be changed.
  • Most gear all looks the same. That is being addressed in the coming updates as additional art is available.
  • Monsters can jump over walls still
  • Character’s weapon and shield disappear graphically when walking south.


Positions currently open are for freelancers on a contractual basis. All inquiries related to UI Design, Graphics Art, and SFX/Music composition may submitted via email to


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