Patch Notes 0.4.10 (01/10/2019)

Hotfix Update

  • This quick update is mainly to address game play issues that came up from 0.4.9




  • More equipment can now be salvaged into scrap. All armor can now be field repaired with repair kits. You may need to get a new recipe book from the skill trainer to get all the new skills if you play an older character.


  • UI Placement fixed for selling and buying from merchants
  • Crafting UI made larger
  • Missing tooltip information for quests has been resolved
  • More work on optimization


  • Friend requests currently do not work.
  • When you are killing mobs for a quest, those mobs do not seem to give XP
  • Chat does not default to Main Chat when first opened, you'll need to click/tap Main Chat to switch to the proper channel.


  • Do you or someone you know have experience in UI Design? We’re looking for a talented individual to assist us with design and artwork for our new UI.
  • We are also looking for a talented sfx/composer to assist us with sound and music composition.

Positions currently are for freelancers on a contractual basis. All inquiries related to UI Design, Graphics Design, and SFX/Music composition may submitted via email to

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Version 2 Jan 11, 2019

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